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Ragicn woodsman


A woodsman takes a unique view of the world by slaughtering woodland monsters with a crossbow. This makes the early game simple, since most forest monsters can easily be sniped 3 spaces away, also the skill of fletching maintains a steady ammo stock. However, once they leave the forest, the lack of trees underground and the twisting dark tunnels make long-ranged combat frustrating, and many dangerous creatures can't be tamed. If the game ended at level 10, the woodsman would be superb, but the nature of their skills makes them hard to recommend in the mid to late game.


skill of taming, power of terraforming


  • HP = 33 – 36
  • str = 16
  • mag = 0



It'd be increasingly challenging to continue beyond the Forest and Slater's Sea as a woodsman; the archery skills help snipe faraway creatures but the cramped underground areas and possible hordes of untamable monsters would probably hinder that. Also, regardless of source, Terraforming fades after a number of uses. As such, one might forgo being a woodsman entirely for a combination of Ironworking(for Knives/Shurikens) and Alchemy(for Geology potions).