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Loc vidurs temple

Vidur's Temple

Vidur's Temple is a region within the Dungeon. It is always the bottom center space at a depth of 30 meters. A hole in the floor is always generated at the bottom center space at 20 meters that allows access to the temple.

The temple is notable for three important items available here:

  • the mighty spear Gungnir, one of the quest artifacts
  • Lazlul's Rope (generated when you arrive, allows you to ascend through holes in the ceiling, such as the one you probably arrived through)
  • an amulet of infravision (generated when you arrive, gives +1 vision radius in dark hallways, can also be randomly generated elsewhere in the world)

Randomly scattered through the temple are three adventurers in precarious situations. You have the option of freeing them, killing them, or leaving them alone.

If you choose to kill all three of them, Vidur is pleased and gives you Gungnir for free. The kills happen immediately after the dialog popup and are not dependent on your character's weapon or abilities.

If you rescue at least one of them, they will turn into a friendly NPC and begin randomly wandering around the level, but then Vidur will teleport in and attack you after resolving all three adventurers. Vidur is quite dangerous (25 speed, 100-800 damage) and drops Gungnir when he dies. The friendly NPCs are not strong enough to provide meaningful help against Vidur.

The only monster type generated in Vidur's Temple are guardians. They are rather interesting: They spawn neutral instead of hostile, and don't move. After the player moves next to them, they will turn hostile and begin attacking for 40-80 damage. However a speed-enhanced player might even push them out of the way (much like the effect of walking onto a shopkeeper) before they turn hostile.

It is possible to obtain Gungnir at a very low level by avoiding the guardians and tunneling into the walls to reach and kill the three adventurers. Using it, on the other hand, is not quite so simple. The player must be level 35 and have a strength of 35 to wield it.