Ragnarok / Valhalla Wiki

I think I have logged more hours on this game than any other game in my life. I remember finding it on one of those 90's 1000 game shareware CD's in middle school, and I was hooked.

One of my first attempts at hacking was figuring out how to "save" my character files to a 3.5 floppy to keep them so I could use wands of polymorph on my adventurer to get more powerful creatures (Swordsman, Fire Giant, and Fleisch(sp?) FTW!!!) Find a wierd fume and hold down the 5 until I had 16 fingers, 5 eyes, and about 100 sex changes, extinct mind moss and archmages, and run through piles of faleryn(sp?) to level up. Enchanted scrolls of identification, YES please! RED BAG! A foldable ship that you cannot pronounce! It really does not get better than than this for an adventure game in the corner of your parents' basement.

My favorite aspects of this game are the difficulty, the randomness, and the ghosts of your former adventurers. Every death was a learning experience that could literally haunt you in the next go-around, for the love of gods have some fire wands stashed away when you run into your former self, you will need them ;)

The wife and I were brainstorming good female Jack Russell Terrier names tonight, and she mentioned "Freya", which brought me right back. This game literally changed my life for the better, and I found this WIKI on a Google search. I now work in IT, and have been thinking about updating this game for a while now as a hobby. I think this is the beginning of a project :)