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Is everything too stable or is it just me?

<Where are my manners!? I kept editing like a Konr Rig victim for days without introducing myself :| >  <Ahem> Hi all wiki users! I'm one of many many fans of Ragnarok who just can't forget about it even after over 6 years of playing. Right now, I consider myself of the few lucky ones who stumbled upon some game secrets the manual couldn't possibly offer :D . No worries, I'll publish everything in due time as my wiki contribution skills seem to need some refining. Until then, I'll be happy to answer anyone's questions about gameplay(My talk page should be good). My playing style is the Greedy Sage: The type of character who'd try to learn and earn everything as quickly and efficiently as possible, while selling anything worthwile to available traders(Even dead bodies! I love bankrupting traders!) and saving up for the bazaar.(Note to self: If you ever find a red bag outside the bazaar, reload to your last save point before doing so.)

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