Ragnarok / Valhalla Wiki

This is a to-do list for myself, for this wiki. If you see something that you can do, feel free!

  • Get Diagnostics + Origami -- is funnel a monster? Done, see funnel page
  • Images! Get images for things in the Items category, and things on the Monsters page.
  • Get statistics (things like "how much damage" or "how many levels"):
    • For the following potions: blindness, constitution, curing, endurance, experience, hallucination, holy water, lycanthropy, mead, paralysis, phasing, raise magic, rejuvenation, restore magic, scaling, speed, strength, translucence, venom, and mystery.
    • For the following scrolls: flame, pure evil, recharging, and wonder.
  • Get a list of all locations in Ragnarok; make a page for each.
  • Amulet of quickening increases speed by 10... yes? Yes indeed.
  • Prices of so many things...
  • Confirm skills, abilities, and powers -- the doc I have lumped a bunch together. - Uh which ones again?
  • Continue to be barking mad; try to get, by acquiring a lot of gold first, the weights of things.
    • Get gold through any means necessary, including selling corpses.
    • Drop all gold.
    • Pick up everything else, until you can pick up no more.
    • Pick up what you can of the gold.
    • Drop an item.
    • Pick up more gold -- how much was picked up?