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Loc the crossroads

The Crossroads

The Crossroads is a region entered by using the power of dimension traveling or by playing a glass ocarina with music ability(escaping almost any unpleasant situation and having a most useful means of traveling at the same time). You appear on grey disks over rainbow colors. You can walk from disk to disk, but the ones you leave disappear. Once there, you're safe from attack, and can travel nearly anywhere you wish when you see fit. Deliberately walking off a disk and onto a colored space transports you elsewhere in Midgard, depending on the color you step into:

Color Area(s)
red the Wasteland, Chaos
yellow Mimer's Realm, Azare's Plane
green the Village, the Forest, or Jotenheim
cyan Niflheim
blue somewhere along the River Vid (possibly excluding Slaeter's Sea)
white Halls of Grynr
grey 10m, 20m, 30m, the Crypt, Vidur's Temple, or the Bazaar
black Nidavellir