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To use or view a skill, hit u. You can also view your skills by hitting C or by clicking the Self button.

See also Abilities and Powers.

Most of the skills in this chart can also be obtained from a scroll of knowledge. If you have not yet learned the level 9 skill for your current class, the scroll of knowledge will give you one of your own class skills. This is a waste of a rare item. In order to maximize gains from scrolls of knowledge, wait until level 19, 29, 39, etc, so that you have learned your level 9 skill but not yet changed to a new class.

Icon Name Best Acquisition Alternate Acquisitions (and Restrictions) Description
Skill alchemy Alchemy be a level 9 alchemist read a knowledge scroll (no second life potion) Gives you recipes for creating special potions.
Skill cartography Cartography eat a dead breleor read a scroll of knowledge Maps current area like a neutral Cartography scroll.
Skill diagnosis Diagnosis drink a potion of alchemy n/a See a monster's state, HP, AC, speed, to hit%, & damage it deals.
Skill embalming Embalming read a scroll of knowledge n/a Preserve dead bodies. Very useful if combined with Golem Shaping.
Skill fennling Fennling drink a potion of mystery be a level 4 conjurer or polymorph into a pelgrat Combine charges of two similar wands into one to reduce inventory.
Skill fletching Fletching be a level 4 woodsman n/a Infinitely carve arrows and bolts from the wood of trees.
Skill golem creation Golem creation read a scroll of knowledge n/a Make a corpse into a golem. Not all submit.(Human golem->Womera)
Skill husbandry Husbandry read a scroll of knowledge polymorph into a breeder Clone most forms of life instantaneously.
Skill ironworking Ironworking be a level 9 blacksmith knowledge scroll(no runesword/mithril mail) Smelt various metallic weapons and armor.
Skill origami Origami read a scroll of knowledge polymorph into a swordsman Change scrolls into certain allies.
Skill precognition Precognition drink a potion of alchemy n/a Gives you a sense of the quality of an object.
Skill relocation Relocation read a wonder scroll(also get resistant to teleportation) read a knowledge scroll, be a level 9 conjurer, or polymorph into a knilb, moleman, or nymph Teleporting at will. Non-abusable as the energy moving you via dimension rifts recuperates slowly.
Skill slave usage Slave usage create a golem successfully control the mind of another creature Useful for those who can create golems or control minds.
Skill taming Taming be a level 9 woodsman n/a Allows you to attempt to tame a creature.
Skill ventriloquism Ventriloquism read a scroll of knowledge n/a Confuses creatures as to your whereabouts, occasionally.
Skill writing Writing be a level 9 sage drink a mystery potion (temporary, less scrolls) Rewrite any scroll over a useless one via a stylus(transport @ lv 31).