Ragnarok / Valhalla Wiki


Cost: $750

Effect: A random effect from the list below. Not all effects occur in all locations; it's a safe bet if the message is "the scroll disappears" only that the random effect was one that doesn't apply to your location.

Effect Message
all surrounding 5 x 5 tiles become trees. Monsters're trapped/flung away "Tiny seeds burrow into the ground and trees sprout."
all ground, floors, & corridors on this map become mud "The humidity increases."
dries all water, mud, quicksand, lava, & potions(packed, too) on this map "Your mouth feels dry."
polymorphs you into another creature.<Plays a sound> "You shall now be known as <your name> the <creature type>."
swaps friendliness & hostility of monsters in this map "You hear a thousand angry voices in your head."
creates a trading post out of thin air "You hear the sounds of a marketplace."
turns all trees on this map into retchweeds "The forest transforms."
unknown(Maybe above effect for non-applicable maps) "You hear the distant swaying of plants."
unknown "You hear a faraway voice."
unknown "You feel strangely pacifistic."
unknown "Time warps slightly around you."
unknown "You recall the smell of freshly cut barley"
increases your speed(not noticeably, incidentally) "Everything is slowing down."
speeds of all creatures on this map now match yours "Time is passing you by."
spawns an anti-jag somewhere on current map "You have awakened something evil."
animates (some/most) items on the level against you "A strange energy whirls around you."
makes you resistant to one of:
  * acid "Your skin feels slick."
  * cold "You feel strangely cool."
  * death rays "You feel as though you will live forever."
  * heat "You feel strangely warm."
  * magical rays and breath "Your body has a strange sheen to it."
  * petrification "You feel at one with the earth."
  * poison "Your liver squirms."
  * unwanted teleportation(also gives Relocation skill) "You picture a strange new dimension."
Lava appears on the map "Lava comes streaming out of the heavens."
unknown "You smell gold nearby."


Cost: $1000

Effect: You become a powerful creature if it polymorphs you.


Cost: $500

Effect: You become a weak creature if it polymorphs you.


Effect: Creates a river through the level.