Ragnarok / Valhalla Wiki


Cost: $10000

Effect: Affects the main classes of items in the following way:

Item(s) Effect(s)
amulets (except holding) removes hexes
armor, weapons, protection
& agility rings
removes hexes & raises bonus 5 to 15 points
wands adds charges: +1 for wishing, +20-35 for all others
anvil changes to platinum anvil
blue cube or grey cube changes to orange cube
ocarina changes to glass ocarina
scrolls and potions raises quality to blessed

All items affected by enchantment are automatically identified. Normal enchantment adds 5-10 to bonuses.


Cost: $10250

Effect: Same as above. Adds 10-15 to bonuses.


Cost: $9750

Effect: Same as above. Adds 1-5 to bonuses.


When unidentified, may at first be mistaken for blessing, destruction, identification, or recharging, if these are not already known. This is due to the prompt: "Empower which item?"