Ragnarok / Valhalla Wiki


Cost: $500

Effect: Alters the condition of items in the following ways:

Item(s) Effect(s)
amulets (not holding), rings (but agility & protection) removes hexes
armor, weapons, rings of agility & protection removes hexes, raises bonus
scrolls, potions raises quality from cursed to normal and normal to blessed
food, wands, other no effect


Cost: $750

Effect: Raises bonuses by 2 points. (Does not cause a cursed item to become blessed.)


Cost: $250

Effect: Decreases bonuses and reduces quality of scrolls and potions. Nothing, however, is hexed.


Effect: All potions and scrolls in your pack have a 60% chance of becoming blessed (or cursed, if the scroll of blessing is cursed) regardless of previous state.


When unidentified, this scroll may at first be mistaken for destruction, recharging, identification, or enchantment, if these are not already known due to the prompt: "Empower which item?"