Ragnarok / Valhalla Wiki

Some of the resistances below are only useful beyond midgard, others are necessary for quests.

Resistance Best Acquisition Other Acquisitions(and Restrictions)
acid read a wonder scroll wear a crystal skin ring or polymorph into an acid-based monster
cold become an ice dragon, or eat one                        become an ice sphere(or eat one) or a yeti, read a wonder scroll, or wear an insulation ring(none give extreme cold resistance)
death ray read a wonder scroll polymorph into an undead monster
heat eat a dead fire dragon read a wonder scroll, wear a ring of ashes, or polymorph into a heat-resisting monster
petrification eat a dead hel dragon read a wonder scroll, or become a stoning-resistant monster
poison drink blessed rejuvenation eat a dead glard, read a wonder scroll, or wear a ring of immunity
ray/breath read a wonder scroll polymorph into a ray-resistant monster
teleportation read a wonder scroll polymorph into a knilb or nymph