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See also Abilities and Skills.

Icon Skill Best Acquisition Alternate Acquisitions (and Restrictions) Description
Power animation Animation drink animation potions (Temporary) (n/a) Allows you to make inanimate objects move.
Power dimension travel Dimension Travel eat a dead breleor (Adds Cartography) drink a potion of switch dimension Allows instant traveling to nearly anywhere via The Crossroads.
Power fire vision Fire Vision read a scroll of knowledge eat a black mushroom (temporary) Gives permanent heat gazes(Like Superman).
Power heatrad Heat Radiation polymorph into a Cloud Blaster drink a potion of heat (temporary) Allows blasting a cloud around you(effects depend on source).
Power innate Innate Power polymorph into an Ability User (n/a) Some monsters have attainable breath weapons or skills.
Power mind control Mind Control read a scroll of knowledge (n/a) Allows moving a lesser monster/golem as you will.
Power psionics Psionics pick up diamond needles (up to 100) polymorph into a zardon (Adds Telepathy) Allows you to blast another sentient creature's mind.
Power spellcasting Spellcasting become a conjurer be a Spellcaster The ability to cast spells.
Power terraforming Terraforming drink a geology potion (temporary) be a lvl 9 woodsman (temporary) Allows you to transform one feature of terrain into any other.


Within the powers displayed here are a few references to widely-known characters:

  • The Icon for the power of Animation is a broomstick carrying water buckets, a direct reference to Mickey Mouse's wizard scene in the Disney movie Fantasia.
  • The power of Fire Vision is a direct reference to a signature ability of Superman.