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Each potion weighs 300. Despite that, they never fill up your belly upon consumption.

Normal Potions[]


Alchemical Potions[]

The following potions can only be made by mixing potions together. You need knowledge of alchemy to be sure which potion you will create. You can, however, guess and test; see the Mystery section below.

When mixing, the quality of the resultant potion is always the same as the second potion selected for the mixture. Plan and use your blessing scrolls accordingly.

Note: If you're mixing potions at random, you may come across one that creates a hybrid potion, but that has no effect. This is the potion of second life. You only get to create this potion once per game, and only when you specifically have the alchemical skill to produce one. You cannot produce a normal potion from mixing, and mixing with at least 1 hybrid potion will always produce a potion of mystery as no recipe will include any hybrid potion as an ingredient.

The recipes that you need to mix and produce the below potions are randomly generated each game.


Potions of mystery are potions that are mixed randomly, without following an alchemical recipe. There is an equal chance of mixing a potion of mystery and having the mix blow up in your face.

Drinking potions of mystery can produce any of the following effects:

Message Effect Cure
"You shall now be known as <your name> the tiny <creature type>." become tiny eat a magic cookie to return to normal
"You have become dyslexic" get dyslexic become dyslexic again
"Your legs! They're gone!"

"Your stumps throb."(when already legless)

removes your legs blessed curing or the war vest
"You can now fennl"

"You envision wands as transferable."(as fennlers)

gain the skill of fennling n/a
"You can now write scrolls"

"Your knowledge of writing increases"(as writers)

gain the skill of writing (temporarily) n/a

If you became tiny and a magic cookie wasn't available, eat a dead Faleryn to become a full-sized Faleryn.

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