Ragnarok / Valhalla Wiki

The ability to polymorph oneself into a monster is among the most powerful options at the player's disposal. Here are a few recommendations for what to transform into. In general, the most important things to look for are high speed and the ability to wear equipment. Bear in mind potions of speed and scrolls of time stop can only affect a human body(either the one you start with or another creature you become such as a Sorcerer). Also do not fret much about strength and constitution as you can later increase them at your own pace.

Draugr - 60 speed, 19 strength, incredible constitution, and an undead status. The overall best body available.

Swordsman - 40 speed, good strength and constitution, the weaponmaster ability and the origami skill. Probably the second best body.

Borgon Vile - 20 speed, 19 strength, and a valuable whirlwind ability(listed in-game as "heat radiation," but is different from, and far superior to, the heat radiation ability of fire giants).

Blur - 60 speed but middling stats and unable to wear armor. It's a powerful body for offense and evasion, but they are very vulnerable to both conventional damage and special abilities like the iridorn's decapitation. Becoming a blur will prevent the player from capturing Thokk's soul, so it's best to capture her before polymorphing.