Ragnarok / Valhalla Wiki

Morality Rating is simply how high the norse gods view you. You may commit acts - even without realizing it - that cause the gods to frown on you. Below is a list of such acts, followed by the effects of low morality ratings.

Immoral acts[]

  • Reading a scroll of extinction: Obviously genociding entire races is not something favoured by the gods. The more you annihilate, the less your morality rating becomes.
  • Reading a scroll of pure evil: Why even approach those? Always try to identify your scrolls before reading them outloud.
  • Cannibalism: Eating a member of your own current race is a heinous act no matter how hungry you could've been. This doesn't include your original race as you'll be more than happy to eat humans once you polymorph into a non-human creature.
  • Angering who protects you: Attacking(or worse, killing) friendly creatures is a sign of seeking solitude and power, a trait not quite favoured by the gods.

Orb of Imprisoning[]

The orb of imprisoning can be used to banish nearly any creature to Limbo. Occasionally, the orb will backfire, and suck you into Limbo. If you have average luck and morality, this chance is approximately 2-3%. The lower your morality, the higher this chance gets.

Bifrost / edgeworts[]

When you enter Bifrost, you may see edgeworts. One edgewort will be present for each immoral act that you've committed (minimum 50). They will try to push you off the bridge.


Morality rating decrements irreversably. It starts out high and decrements with immoral acts to moderate, fair, and finally none. The gods view adventurers with no morality rating as incorrigible sinners, eventually prefering to take their life (literally heavenly punishment) than to let them have the glory of saving the world.