Ragnarok / Valhalla Wiki
Mon wizard wizard
State hostile
Known region(s)
HP 23-79
AC 4
Speed 10
To-hit 0
# of attacks 1
Damage base 7-11
Special att/def var
Ray Reflects all rays
Wand cancels none
Corpse value 11


Wizards have the following destructive powers:

  • summoning a duplicate of you to fight on their side,
  • charming you into not attacking
  • paralyzing you for 11-17 turns
  • healing rapidly
  • stealing your maximum hit points for their own use
  • using other creature's special powers
  • improving their AC 10-20 points


Wizards use spell points for all of their operations, so they cannot use these attacks every turn. They are very dangerous and should be battled with care. It is wise to wipe them out with a scroll of extinction if you have a chance.