Ragnarok / Valhalla Wiki
Mon werewolf werewolf
State hostile
Known region(s) underground
HP 30-45
AC 0
Speed 40
To-hit 0
# of attacks 1
Damage base 15-25
Special att/def none

Wand cancels none
Corpse value 13


The werewolf's bite will infect the victim with lycanthropic blood. They will then be prone to lycanthropic prowling attacks (becoming a were-being themselves, dropping their possessions, and attacking all in sight).


Avoid werewolves. If you must fight them, use a silver sword to kill them instantly. If a werewolf hits, drink a blessed potion of curing to dissipate your were-blood. If you fear you may be lycanthropic, use the SELF command to find out.