Ragnarok / Valhalla Wiki
Mon weird fume weird fume
State hostile
Known region(s) forest
HP 8-16
AC -10
Speed 3
To-hit 10
# of attacks 1
Damage base 0-0
Special att/def acid 6-20
Ray Resistances flaying

Wand cancels enveloping
Corpse value n/a


Weird fumes are misty vapors that envelop their victims and alter them physically. They can do the following:

  • grow extra eyes on you (max five eyes)
  • grow extra fingers on you (max sixteen fingers)
  • change your gender
  • cause you to become vertiginous
  • pour acid on you
  • scramble your current perception of the surroundings


Every time your brain throbs while fighting a weird fume, you have become that much more vertiginous (prone to 2-5 turn spells of confusion). For each throbbing attack, you will have to drink one potion of blessed curing. Extra eyes increase attacking odds. Extra fingers make it possible to wear more rings. Wearing a ring of crystal skin will neutralize the acid attack. If you are eyeless and cannot find a potion of curing, a weird fume will grow you new eyes.