Ragnarok / Valhalla Wiki
Mon slywert slywert
State hostile
Known region(s) forest, crypt
HP 34-75
AC -4
# of attacks
Damage base
Special att/def none

Wand cancels none
Corpse value 19


Slywerts can create illusions of themselves and, sometimes, immediately switch places with said illusions. An illusion has 1 HP but -30 AC. Good luck telling the difference!


Slywerts are an early threat to novice adventurers who just started exploring the forest. Take them out from afar with a wand of fire or throwing weapons. If cornered into battling one and it makes a copy, you'll have to attack both to be sure. Unless you're quite strong, you'd always miss the copies so if your attack lands on one, focus on it till it dies and eventually removes the copies. See the table below for messages that appear while meleeing a slywert:

Message Effect
"The slywert whispers your name" No effect
"The slywert flashes a toothy grin" No effect
"The slywert snacks on a small creature" The slywert saw and ate a corpse below it
"The slywert shifts in a glint of light" The slywert made a copy and might've switched places with it

Related Incidents[]

A Slywert copy once followed a player into the village and kept battling the village trader who'd endlessly miss it. Be sure to never return to the village with a Slywert or a copy following.

Game versions[]

The slywert only exists in Ragnarok. It is not present in Valhalla.