Ragnarok / Valhalla Wiki
Mon plog Plog
State hostile
Known region(s) Niflheim
HP 698-1055
AC -40
Speed 20
To-hit -125
# of attacks 4
Damage base 14-30
Special att/def none
Ray Resistances death, stoning, fire

Wand cancels none
Corpse value n/a


Minor demon worshipped by minions and migdnarts. Draws energy from wands and magical items.

Plog is the relatively harmless demon of the western section of Niflheim. He summons minions and migdnarts, gouts unholy water, and drains all wands you carry. He only uses these special attacks when he is directly next to you; however, since his other special power is to teleport next to you, he usually implements his attacks.


If you cannot defeat Plog, leave Niflheim and return only after you are more powerful. He is resistant to some wands.