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Mon konr rig Konr Rig
State hostile
Known region(s) Niflheim
HP 512-680
AC -34
Speed 30
To-hit -120
# of attacks 4
Damage base 75-300
Special att/def none
Ray Resistances fire, stoning
Ray Reflects all rays
Wand cancels none
Corpse value n/a


This demon who resides in the northwest section of Niflheim has only one major power, the ability to drive men insane. He is surrounded by those who worship chaos.


Do not carry anything you do not want to use while insane. Throwing things at Konr Rig merely makes him stronger. He also reflects rays. You must fight him hand-to-hand.


Heimdall had been to a number of human houses and seemed to have started a royal heritage from his blood line. Konr Rig was once a king and, by lineage, one of Heimdall's many grandsons.