Ragnarok / Valhalla Wiki
Mon ivy creeper ivy creeper
State hostile
Known region(s) underground
HP 20-40
AC 4
Speed 0
To-hit 20
# of attacks 0
Damage base 1-4
Special att/def defense 3-11
Ray Resistances displacement, haste, sleep

Wand cancels none
Corpse value 4


Ivy creepers grab and devour their food. Attacking them will release spores that render your skin fragile, causing you to take double damage until a blessed potion of curing is consumed.

Sometimes they release poison gas into the air when struck. This poison can cause death 4% of the time if you're not poison resistant.

Creepers can also blind you for 10-20 turns.


Attack from afar with projectile weapons. Kill the innermost part of the plant and the rest will die as well (or attack as far back as you can, pruning the creeper as you go).

If you're grabbed by an ivy creeper, your options to escape:

  • teleport yourself away
  • tame the ivy creeper with a scroll of alliance, scroll of wonder, or the skill of taming
  • phase using a potion of phasing or the amulet of ethereality
  • immobilize the ivy creeper with a wand of sleep or a net
  • strike it with a barbed whip
  • polymorph the ivy creeper
  • leave the level through magical means


The leaves of dead ivy creepers cure the brain scarred and end hallucination, confusion, and insanity bouts when eaten.