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Mon harbard Harbard
State hostile
Known region(s) River Gioll
HP 455-700
AC -71
Speed 20
To-hit -175
# of attacks 1
Damage base 156-870
Special att/def none
Ray Resistances stoning

Wand cancels none
Corpse value n/a


Harbard guards the entrance to Niflheim by the river Gioll. He will remain dormant until a living creature crosses the lorkesth-infested river.


Harbard initially stands on the stairway down to Niflheim. Only magic weapons will hit Harbard.

If a player wishes to avoid battling Harbard (not recommended as he's easy compared to many creatures in Niflheim) they could simply throw/zap/use ability on him from afar. This will make him immediately charge towards his attacker. But due to the mist surrounding River Gioll, he won't be able to tell his attacker's whereabouts, and will continue moving randomly until both him and the player leave the mist (At which point, he'll charge towards the one obvious target - the player).