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Mon draugr draugr
State crazed
Known region(s) Niflheim, Nidavellir, The Halls of Grynr
HP 680-1240
AC -40
Speed 30
To-hit -300
# of attacks 2
Damage base 140-260
Special att/def none
Ray Resistances stoning, fire, flaying
Ray Reflects all rays
Wand cancels none
Corpse value 13


The most powerful of the undead. Able to spring back from any attack. Fortunately, they don't spawn in the Crypt.

Draugar will return from death within 5 turns unless the corpse is destroyed, eaten, or mummified.


Below are the strategies to employ against draugar:

  1. teleport away
  2. terraform their tile into a mountain or tree
  3. use a scroll of switch bodies
  4. have thousands of hit points and an AC in the negative hundreds
  5. give them 3-4 psionic blasts(tested)

Because of their many immunities and high-level spawning areas (where time stop and wands of annihilation don't work), most special attacks are useless against draugar. However, they can be killed easily with the Terraforming power.

If you have fewer than five hundred hit points, you should definitely consider using a scroll of switch bodies. Draugr are the most powerful creatures that can wear armour, and combined with their high speed, might be one of the best creatures with which to switch bodies.

Polymorphing into this being or switching bodies with it gives you all its immunities and stats without the insanity, but doesn't grant you the ability to return to life if you were killed as one.

If you have a very powerful character, draugar will give you very good XP. Your armor class needs to be in the negative hundreds before you attempt this, and you should probably also have a speed of 30 or higher, and potions of invincibility don't hurt. A good strategy for this is to keep letting it reanimate, then kill it again. You will level up about every 4 or 5 kills.


Eat a dead draugr to destroy the body so it cannot come back to life.


The plural of "draugr" is "draugar".

Draugar mummies and dead draugar that are inside a red bag do not return to life.