Ragnarok / Valhalla Wiki
Mon archmage archmage
State hostile
Known region(s) deep underground
HP 75-105
AC 2
Speed 10
To-hit 31
# of attacks 1
Damage base 15-25
Special att/def none

Wand cancels eliminating item types
Corpse value n/a


Archmages can only be hit by magical weapons. Archmages have the power to eliminate entire classes of objects from the game indiscriminately. Archmages can also create horrible new races.


Do not let an archmage have a turn while he can see you. Attack him from afar in hallways when you know where he is through the amulet of infravision or telepathy. Also, use the wand of cancellation against these beings. If you cannot beat them through these means, read a scroll of extinction and specify archmages.