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In the pages below, the categories are:

  • State: Whether the creature is crazed, hostile, friendly, or neutral.
  • Known region(s): Areas where the creature usually appears.
  • HP: The range of hit points a creature of the specified race can have.
  • AC: The armor class for creatures of the listed race.
  • Speed: The speed at which the specified race moves (Humans have a speed of 10).
  • To-hit: The modifier in the above HIT% formula. The lower it is, the more likely the creature lands hits.
  • # of attacks: The number of attacks a creature gets per turn. For example: player speed = 10, creature speed = 20, creature attacks = 3; the creature will get 6 attacks per player turn.
  • Damage base: The range of damage used in the above DAM formula.
  • Special att/def: The damage a creature can do through its special attacks. These attacks are listed in their descriptions above.

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