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Icon Object Cost Description Weight
  Anvil anvil $10 Needed with a pair of tongs, and a source of fire to smelt items. Extras provide more forging material.
Black gem black gem $8000 1-use, stackable projectile, deals nasty damage to a target & boosts user's max HP (while not wearing soul trapping ring) if target's killed.
Blue cube blue cube $5500 A once-per-game item, moves you back in time 1-100 turns at random intervals unless stored in a red bag.
blue rocks Read lava strike while confused and some will fall on your head.
boulders Statues are the remains of those unfortunate souls petrified by cockatrices, sentinels, basilisks, and wands of stoning. These sell for quite a bit at a market.
Diamond needle diamond needle $2500 Borgon viles hurl rocks about with such force that they strike each other, occasionally leaving diamond splinters. When these splinters are picked up, they inject themselves under your skin and seat themselves in your brain. This causes some initial damage (21-28 HP per needle), but if you survive, you will be able to psionically attack other beings. This effect is cumulative -- the more needles you pick up, the higher your psi power ability.
Disruption horn disruption horn $2000 Lowers the roofs of underground halls. It will not work outdoors or in the bazaar. To use the disruption horn, select it with the USE ITEM command in an underground room (or its doorway). After 2-4 turns, the ceiling collapses. Doorways are a safe place to stand to view the carnage. Most monsters and items within the room will be destroyed or severely damaged.

Eventually the disruption horn will crack and split. It is then destroyed.

Dwarven arm dwarven arm In order for Monsters/Tyr to be able to battle the evil gods at the final battle of Ragnarok, he must have a prosthetic arm made. The dwarvesmith, Monsters/Eitri, will fashion a dwarven arm for Tyr in exchange for a platinum anvil. For more information, see Quests.
Empty vial empty vial $25 Empty vials are very valuable on Azare's Plane, where raw potion matter lies in ponds throughout the level. Vials can be filled using the USE ITEM command. If a potion of drinking water is ever required for an alchemy mixture, simply fill an empty vial in a nearby body of water.
Gjall Gjall
There is a Wikipedia article for this item.
Gjall is Heimdall's powerful horn. It is used to signal danger to the gods. If Gjall is blown, the evil ones will cease being stealthy and will attack the gods immediately. This is not good if you need more time to accomplish your other goals. It is better to return Gjall to Heimdall who stands guard on Bifrost. See Quests for more information.
Grappling hook grappling hook $400 The grappling hook is an essential tool for most adventurers. Grappling hooks are used to escape pits, quicksand, and mud. They can also be used to crawl onto rubble. The grappling hook is used by throwing it in the direction you wish to move. If that space is blocked by a creature, it will hit the creature instead.
Green stone green stone $3500 Scyld's only weakness. He is impervious to physical harm, unless you carry the green stone. If the green stone is stored in the red bag, it will not bother Scyld. The green stone need not be wielded or thrown, merely stashed in your pack.
Grey cube grey cube Moves you forward in time 1-500 turns at random intervals. The cube has no effect if it is stashed in the red bag.
Ingot ingot The material a blacksmith uses for crafting items. Items can be melted down and added to the ingot if more material is required to fashion larger items than the current ingot (or item being smelted) has material for. The new ingot can then be melted down to form larger items.
Lazluls rope Lazlul's rope Lazlul's rope is usually located in Vidur's temple, where it was left by one of three hapless adventurers. It is used to ascend through holes in the ceiling that would otherwise be unreachable. It works by magically uncoiling itself and winding upwards out of the user's pack. Once you are safe, the rope returns to your pack. To use the rope, use the up arrow button with the mouse or type > from the keyboard when under a hole leading upwards.
Lodestone lodestone A lodestone is given to you when you wish for Gjall or Lazlul's rope with the wand of wishing. If it is in your pack, it does any of the following every turn:
  • turns one square of the current level to stone, including, possibly, the one you're on
  • creates monsters around you
  • destroys other items in your pack
  • decrements your luck
  • does hit point damage to you
Ocarina ocarina $5000 A wind instrument that produces soft, mellow music. Regular ocarinas are expensive and useless. You must use a scroll of enchantment to turn it to clear glass and change its function to a traveling device. Playing the glass ocarina transports you to Konr Rig's abandoned plane of chaos. Once in Chaos, you may play the ocarina again to be transported back to the plane of Midgard. The ocarina almost never returns you to your original level in Midgard, but if the area you return to appears threatening or undesirable, simply play the ocarina again until you land in a suitable location.

Upon gaining music ability, you can choose which level you return to when you exit Chaos. Only places they have visited before will be accessible.

Orange cube orange cube Lies dormant for a while, then randomly transports you to the wasteland where a lost artifact is located. The orange cube is created by enchanting either a grey or blue cube with a scroll of enchantment.
Orb of imprisoning orb of imprisoning $4000 Banishes all but the most powerful of creatures to Limbo. Occasionally -- 2-3% of the time if you have average luck and morality -- the orb will backfire, sucking you into Limbo and releasing all of the creatures imprisoned there. Once all other creatures are dead, you will be returned to your own plane without the orb. The lower your morality, the higher the likelihood you will be imprisoned by the orb.

You may voluntarily travel to Limbo by selecting yourself when using the orb.

Some creatures are not affected by the orb.

Origami origami figures Scrolls can be folded if you know the skill of origami. The magic within the scroll will be transformed with the figure created. When this figure is thrown out of your pack, it comes to life. If it is dropped, it will not come to life. The figures are the following:
Pick axe pick axe $400 Useful for digging through walls and rock. It can also be used to fell trees. The process takes 10-20 turns, and if you're interrupted, your progress is saved.
Red bag red bag $7500 A magic sack that can hold up to 127 items without encumbering you with their weight. Items in the bag are actually located in a different plane, so they are not treated as if they are in your pack. If the red bag is destroyed, items therein are never recovered.

Items owned by traders are billed to anyone who places them in a red bag. Gold can never be placed in a red bag. Items that combine, such as food, arrows, etc., only count as one of the 127 items if they are placed in the bag as a single unit.

Skidbladnir Skidbladnir $15000
There is a Wikipedia article for this item.
Freyr's magical boat enables you to travel over water. When not in use, Skidbladnir folds up and fits in your pocket.

Skidbladnir is usually docked at Slaeter's Sea, but can occasionally be found elsewhere.

statues $1000 Statues are the remains of those unfortunate souls who have been petrified by cockatrices, sentinels, basilisks, and wands of stoning. These sell for quite a bit at a market.
Stylus stylus $100 Used to write scrolls. Knowledge of writing is useless unless you have a stylus. Sages start the game with a stylus.
Tongs tongs $10 Tongs are an important tool for the blacksmith.
Wooden flute wooden flute $4500 Pacifies nearby creatures and drive others towards the far reaches of the current level. After the flute is used several times, it begins to wear out and starts to produce a restless tune. A restless tune will drive all creatures towards you. Flutes can be re-energized with scrolls of recharging

If you have music ability, flutes will always function as if they were new.

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