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Message Explanation
"A minor ache emanates from behind your eyes." You ate a dead anssk and gained sixth sense ability.
"Eating lava is unhealthy." You ate a jagrèdin or an anti-jag.
"You momentarily glimpse a lake of tormenting fire." You ate a Lower Dwarf & thus lost your heat immunity.
"You hear a fleeing banshee." Unknown. (Maybe indicates a ghost is in map)
"You hear noise." A monster on the map off your character's view is hit.
"Gurgle." Water/quicksand spawned in map & drowned monsters.
"You shall now be known as <your name> the <creature type>."       A ray of polymorph or a scroll of wonder made you a different creature.


  • "A chin strap provides little protection."
  • "A glass ocarina is a travelling device."
  • "A magician may transmogrify worthless objects into valuable ones."
  • "A scroll of enchantment will change the very nature of some objects."
  • "A wooden flute may pacify hostile creatures."
  • "All are stalks of wheat before the power of the scythe."
  • "An artifact has been lost in the depths of Slaeter's sea."
  • "An artifact is lost in the Wasteland."
  • "An item of great power is buried in the crypt."
  • "An orange cube will propel its owner to the Wasteland."
  • "Archmages destroy and genocide entire classes of items."
  • "Attacking non-hostile creatures is immoral."
  • "Bifrost is the flaming rainbow bridge."
  • "Bifrost lies at one end of the river Vid."
  • "Dead lower dwarves and draugrs should be destroyed."
  • "Do not attempt to navigate the ocean."
  • "Do not consume too many speed potions at once."
  • "Do not overindulge in potions of mead."
  • "Do not step off Bifrost."
  • "Dyslexia cures dyslexia."
  • "Eitri desires a platinum anvil."
  • "Empty vials may be filled with non-viscous liquids."
  • "Enchantment scrolls have profound effects upon cubes, ocarinas, and anvils."
  • "Eternal life may not be all that is hoped for."
  • "Gods and powerful creatures are not affected by scrolls of extinction."
  • "Golden togs are for formal occasions only."
  • "Hurl a black gem to garner the life force of an enemy."
  • "It is written that three humans must perish to placate the anger of Vidur."
  • "Loki finds the wand of amusement aptly named."
  • "Magic cookies restore the tiny."
  • "Misreading alters the effects of scrolls."
  • "Mixing potions randomly is dangerous, yet rewarding."
  • "Mortals cannot slay gods."
  • "One may always climb up the rope of Lazlul."
  • "One may breathe life into paper figures by hurling them."
  • "Only one who can swim or lower tides will uncover the artifact in Slaeter's sea."
  • "Orange powder can increase visual range."
  • "Powerful beings may not be tamed with scrolls of alliance."
  • "Psionic power is amplified by diamond needles."
  • "Red bags protect items from extreme temperatures."
  • "Reempower wands with blessed recharging."
  • "Ritual sacrifice to Vidur is always rewarded."
  • "Save summoning scrolls until you are in need of aid."
  • "Scyld fears he who possesses the green stone."
  • "Strange tunes emanate from enchanted instruments."
  • "The air of Niflheim is deathly cold."
  • "The black sword of Geirrod is an unpredictable weapon."
  • "The Crossroads are pathways to all that exists."
  • "The crypt is located in the west at a depth of thirty meters."
  • "The diverse colors of sky at the Crossroads represent alternate paths of travel."
  • "The entrance to the Halls of Grynr is located inside of Nidavellir."
  • "The gods have a storehouse of plenty within Asgard."
  • "The immoral are always punished."
  • "The land of Chaos contains a powerful artifact."
  • "The orb is a doorway to Limbo."
  • "The portal to Mimer's realm lies ten meters below ground, in the northeast."
  • "The proper place for an Eye is a small pit."
  • "Those who aspire to greatness discard lodestones."
  • "Those who become plants have one turn to avoid losing the ability to think."
  • "Time may not be stopped outside of Midgard."
  • "To become more powerful, polymorph yourself."
  • "Vidur's temple is located in the southern sector at a depth of thirty meters."
  • "Wands of armoring are limited in effect."
  • "You may have up to five eyes."
  • "You may have up to sixteen fingers."


  • "A barbed whip causes weak creatures to submit."
  • "A dead cockatrice is a powerful weapon."
  • "A disperser helm protects against psionic attack."
  • "A grappling hook is a means of travel for those lacking legs."
  • "A misread scroll of blessing enhances all potions and scrolls possessed."
  • "A phaseblade is best used when phasing."
  • "A potion of phasing allows the drinker to pass through all substances."
  • "A sai maims its victims."
  • "A silver mantle protects the wearer from magic."
  • "A speed of 60 is often fatal; a speed of 70 is always fatal."
  • "A spongy mass is the bane of a seer."
  • "All roots are thought to be beneficial."
  • "An amulet of holding is worthless."
  • "An ironworker can create a runesword if he has enough raw material."
  • "An ivory staff is especially effective against undead creatures."
  • "Archon the Great is reputed to have possessed a strength of 19."
  • "Basilisks destroy mirrors."
  • "Bleeding of the eyes is a common side effect of new-found powers."
  • "Bless identification scrolls; they then reveal the true nature of all things."
  • "Blessed curing repairs most health problems."
  • "Clay lumps are thought to provide protection against petrification."
  • "Cold is the only thing which slows or destroys red ooze."
  • "Consumption of the poisonous glard may inoculate the eater against toxins."
  • "Death wands have very long ranges."
  • "Do not strike a ranger directly; he will only summon more of his ilk."
  • "Fingers and eyes may be gained from a fume."
  • "Flesh of the fire giant, minion, sandiff, and jagrèdin will burn weak stomachs."
  • "Green mushrooms are widely sought after."
  • "Holy water increases luck."
  • "Kill bartoks from afar."
  • "Knowledgable men caution against blindly eating mushrooms."
  • "Legendary heroes were said to gorge upon the corporeal forms of wraiths."
  • "Mirror shields reflect rays and gazes."
  • "Mottled mushrooms are delicious but can have harmful after-effects."
  • "One cannot write without a stylus."
  • "One must wear gauntlets to safely touch a cockatrice."
  • "Rangers dispense justice."
  • "Red mushrooms temporarily impair vision."
  • "Speckled growths are well-known to berserkers."
  • "The flesh of bats and stalkers can addle a man's brain."
  • "The flesh of the air ghola causes a susceptibility to heat."
  • "The following creatures are poisonous: dreg, serpent, phantom asp, and phausq."
  • "The insane and disturbed can be cured with a single bite of ivy creeper leaves."
  • "The mighty warrior, Liebgar, ate sauteed hel dragon and breleor before battle."
  • "The numberless ranks of the faleryn are swollen by those who eat faleryn leaves."
  • "The powers of the seers are enhanced by a ritual feast of raw anssk."
  • "The rays which emanate from wands may bounce unpredictably."
  • "The skin of the fire dragon can withstand all trials by fire."
  • "The tools of the blacksmith are tongs, anvils, fire, and metal to smelt."
  • "The wight, stun worm, gorm, basilisk, cockatrice, and fyleisch are inedible."
  • "These beings seem unaffected by wands: sentinel, wizard, sorcerer and draugr."
  • "Those who eat knilbs and nymphs can never again be sure of their whereabouts."
  • "Throw a grappling hook to climb out of mud, pits, and quicksand."
  • "Throw a grappling hook to climb over rubble."
  • "Throw a net to entrap monsters."
  • "To withstand the winter freeze, feast upon ice spheres and ice dragons."
  • "Use the wand of armoring upon yourself."
  • "Werewolves fear silver."
  • "White mushrooms can cleanse the body as readily as a week-long fast."
  • "Wield a wand of restoration in case of foliation."
  • "Without knowledge of alchemy, mixing potions is unpredictable."
  • "Yellow mushrooms are thought to affect a man's strength."