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Yggdrasill, the World Tree, is shown when inspecting the map.

The following picture contains hyperlinks for all relevant portions of the map, also indicating hints of what's important.

The village - Starting point for any new adventurerThe forest - Contains access to the Dungeon, and Thokk who is needed for the quest to free BalderMimer's Realm - Accessible from a portal in the Dungeon. Provides access to Mimer's Well for which you need SwimmingJotenheim - The giant Gymir guards the quest artifact Mimming. Provides access to NidavellirNidavellir - Provides access to the Halls of Grynr, the Dwarven Armory protected by Uorik, and the river GiollThe River Gioll - Harbard guards the one-way staircase to Niflheim. Perfect place to experiment with unpredictable effectsSlaeter's Sea - Contains one of the 4 random artifacts under waterBifrost - Access to Asgard and start of the end game with no returnThe River Vid - Nothing special here other than random lootThe Ocean - Home of Jormangund. Stay away. There is no way back to River Vid and Jormangund will kill youMimer's Well - Fight Aspenth who is the transformed quest artifact GjallThe armory - Eitri will create the dwarven arm quest artifact in exchange for a platinum anvilHalls of Grynr - Accessible from Nidavellir. Contains the quest artifact Mjollnir requiring 5 Eyes of Sertrud10 meters - Accessible from the forest. Contains a portal to Slaeter's See, and to Mimer's Realm (reachable only through 30 meters)20 meters - Contains hidden access to the Crypt, and access to Vidur's TempleCrypt - Contains one of the 4 random artifacts30 meters - Scyld is in the upper right corner who can only be defeated if you carry the Green StoneVidur's Temple - Vidur is here who guards the quest artifact GungnirThe Bazaar - Reachable only through a scroll of transportNiflheim - Home to Konr Rig, Vanseril, Plog, Emanon, Anxarcule, Gulveig, Nidhogg, and Hela. Check out their specials to avoid surprises. Hela will complete the quest to free Balder in exchange for Thokk's soul. Hela also possesses the Scyth, the most powerful weapon in the game.Chaos - Pass through station when playing Glass Ocarina. Contains one of the 4 random artifactsThe Crossroads - Pass through station when using Dimensional TravelAzare's Plane - Plentiful plane where any number of empty vials can be filled with any magic potionsWasteland - Active volcano that ultimately destroys everything. Contains one of the 4 random artifactsLimbo - All monsters end up here when you use the orb of imprisonment, including yourselfAsgardOdin's TowerVigrid - Completion of all questsUse button to use hyperlinksRagnarok World Tree
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Yggdrasil, the World Tree. Clicking on a section of the map causes the browser to load the appropriate article. - Use the cursor to identify a map section