Ragnarok / Valhalla Wiki

Like many roguelikes, in Ragnarok there is always the danger of death.

Some things can kill you instantly before you have a chance to react. Thankfully, most of them are easy to avoid with little practice.

Diseases and Disorders[]

Many monster attacks have a chance to give you an effect or disease that can kill you if gone unremidied. Pay special attention when fighting one of these monsters.

Monster Effect Remedy
SentinelBasilisk, or Cockatrice Petrification (turning grey) Eat a clay lump if stiffening, gain immunity from a wonder scroll/dead hel dragon
Corpse Rotting skin Any potion of curing
Gorm Impregnated Blessed potion of curing
Preden Feverish Any potion of curing
Vanisher Fading from existence No remedy! Read a scroll of extinction to avoid meeting one

Instant Death Effects[]

Monster Effect Remedy
Iridorn Beheading Always wear a gorget
Phantom Asp poison bite Has a chance of instadeath even with poison resistance! Extinct them, kill from afar, or wear the war vest

Grabbed or engulfed by a monster[]

In addition to each monster's respective strategies, see tips below table for escaping a monster's grasp.

Monster Effect Remedy
Bloodslug Bite of disease See below
Chameleon Crushing See below
Elle Giant Crushing See below
Giant Squid Crushing See below
Gibberer Crushing See below
Hill Giant Crushing See below
Ivy Creeper Crushing Never Melee. See below
Ogre Crushing See below
Pyrta Ath Smothering Never melee. See below
Red Ooze Engulfing Burn Never melee. Zap it with a wand of ice (zap yourself if engulfed).
Watery Form drown attack Animated water; Hela's spells can make one or you may create them by accident when terraforming near water. Flee immediately, because you can't extinct them!

If a monster grabs/engulfs you, escape by:

  • Zapping the monster with displacement or polymorph
  • Teleporting yourself with a wand of displacement, scroll of traveling or ring of relocation
  • Taming the monster with a scroll of alliance, scroll of wonder, the skill of taming, or a barbed whip
  • Phasing via a potion of phasing or the amulet of ethereality
  • Immobilizing the creature with a wand of sleep or a net
  • leave the level through magical means

Stun Effects[]

Monster Effect Remedy
Minion stun attack Can only be used if 4+ minions surround you. Fight them in a hallway.
Ranger stun attack Get an AC of -40 or better before fighting them.

Item Effects[]

If it sounds like a dumb idea, it probably is. Here are some items that can kill you.

item Effect Remedy
potion of contamination degeneration Don't drink them! If you do by accident, use blessed curing.
potion of venom poisoning Don't drink them! If you do by accident, use blessed curing.
scroll of extinction Don't read while confused, and don't extinct humans if you are one!
scroll of pure evil might send you to Niflheim Don't read unidentified scrolls arbitrarily, unless desperate.
wand of death very long and bouncy death ray Only use outdoors, or if you are wearing a mirror shield
wand of polymorph used on yourself Chance of polymorphing into something worthless like a retchweed. Wield (not carry) a wand of restoration when messing around.

Dungeon Effects[]

It's dangerous to go alone! Take this.

Feature Effect Remedy
Phase Trap teleports you to a 1x1 room Bring a pickaxe, or a wand of tunneling, or a method of teleportation
Water Trap closes the doors of the room and fills it with water Bring Skidbladnir and a method of teleportation
Quicksand Trap changes floor to quicksand Bring a grappling hook (the first shop always has one)
Stairs destroyed e.g. from moleman rubble use dimension travel, glass ocarina, or obtain Lazlul's Rope and zap a wand of tunneling upward


Don't eat any of the following dead creatures:

High Damage Enemies[]

Note that almost everything in Niflheim hits like a truck; they are not included in this list. This list is about nasty surprises you might find sooner.

Monster Where? Notes / Remedy
Breleor Chaos Super high melee damage (1000+). Try not to spend more than 1 turn in chaos if using the glass ocarina.
Draugr Nidavellir / Grynr / Chaos High melee damage(200+). Having -350 AC is valuable if you have not been pumping CON. Eat their corpse to avoid fast respawns.
Knell Bird Jotenheim / Mimir Can attack at short range for ~150 armor-ignoring dmg
Jormungand Ocean (far edge of world) Don't go there. There's nothing useful to be found.
Lorkesth River Gioll (north of Slaeter's) There's no need to approach the river until you are ready to visit Niflheim. Plan on -150 AC or better.
Scyld Underground Just leave if you meet him and don't have the green stone yet. He has a shockwave attack with very variable damage (1-999).
Vidur Vidur's Temple (30m) Kill the NPC adventurers when given the option, to avoid this fight
Zardon Underground (20-30m) or outer rivers Can attack for 50-70 armor-ignoring damage at full map range and give deafening sound effects. Use disperser helm to block, or extinct them.