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Normal Food[]

Icon Food Effects Nut. Value Costs Weighs
Black mushroom black mushroom Gives you temporary fire-vision and 0-20 HP of damage. Counts as a wand of fire for blacksmithing purposes. 0 $200
Bleached root bleached root Bleached roots have a 50% chance of increasing your constitution. 4 $10 1000
Clay lump clay lump Stops you from turning to stone, if eaten while you're in the middle of it. 0 $40 500
Food ration food ration Your basic unit of food. It's bland, but filling. There is an 8% chance of it being rotten when eaten. 300 $10 500
Gnarled root gnarled root Cures light injuries and restore stamina, similar to a normal potion of curing. 30 $25 1000
Green lump green lump 400 $10 1000
Green mushroom green mushroom Increases your maximum hit points by 1-4 HP. Your current hit points will take a few turns to catch up to the new maximum. 0 $71 1000
Magic cookie magic cookie Increases your height, if you've been shrunk by by drinking a potion of mystery. 10 $15 100
Mottled mushroom mottled mushroom Tastes delicious, but produces 30-40 HP of damage at some point between 51 to 62 turns later. 0 $15
Red mushroom red mushroom Makes you go blind for a few turns. This can allow you to take advantage of your sixth sense, gained by eating a dead anssk. 0 $75 0
Speckled growth speckled growth Speckled growths are hallucinogens, which cause you to go insane for a limited amount of time. 0 $145 1000
Spongy mass spongy mass Cancels the sixth sense gained by eating dead anssks. 0 $10
Strange herb strange herb Strange herbs expand, filling your stomach completely. 3000 $45 500
Urn urn An urn contains one of the following items: $30 1000
food: Even better than a food ration. 300
green powder: Increases your strength. 10
meat: Equivalent to a food ration. 200
nothing 0
orange powder: 10% chance of third sight. 10
rotten food: Oh... not good. -10
smaller urn: This game is silly. 0
White mushroom white mushroom Reduces you to a state of starvation, leaving you with about ten turns to live. BAD $15 0
Yellow mushroom yellow mushroom Decreases your strength. 0 $90 0

Corpse Corpses[]

All corpses sell for $5.

Monster Effect(s) Nutritional Value
anssk Gives you the sixth sense ability. 1
basilisk If you are not resistant to petrification, you die instantly. 41
bear 14
bloodslug -30
blur Increases your speed. Speeds of 60-70 can be fatal. 3
borgon vile 13
breleor Gives you the skill of cartography and the power of dimension travel. 28
brown bat Causes confusion for 20-40 turns. 3
chameleon 7
charred wraith 30% of dead air gholas (charred wraiths) reduce your strength when eaten. 2
cockatrice If you are not resistant to petrification, you die instantly. 1
corpse Infects you with a rotting disease. 1
draugr Destroys its body so that it cannot come back to life. 13
dreg Poisons you. 1
dwarf 11
edgewort 11
elgar 11
elle giant 41
enchantress 8
faleryn Transforms you into a faleryn. 14
fire dragon Renders you fireproof. 85
fire giant Burns you for 16-25 HP when eaten, if you are not fireproof. 13
frost bat 7
fyleisch Kills you instantly. 26
gas ball 2
giant squid 83
gibberer 14
glard Poisons you, with a 5% chance of instant death. However, you will be inoculated against almost all future poison. 2
gnome 13
gorm Kills you, if you're not acid resistant. 9
hatchetfish 2
hel dragon Gives you petrification resistance, and increases your constitution by 1-5 points. 87
hill giant 83
homunculus 2
hrygar 6
human 11
ice dragon Gives you cold resistance. 89
ice sphere Gives you cold resistance. 2
imp 1
iridorn 3
ivy creeper Cures brain scarring, ends hallucinations, ends confusion, and ends bouts of insanity. 4
jacchus 8
jagrèdin Causes 24-109 HP of damage, given that it's a being of lava. 88
kalvin 2
knell bird 2
knilb Causes you to teleport at random intervals for the rest of your life. This condition is incurable. 6
kobold 8
lacunar 11
lorkesth 27
lower dwarf Strips you of your fire resistance. 19
migdnart 26
minion Causes 16-25 HP of fire damage, if you're not fireproof. 8
moleman 11
morph 11
mudman 13
nidslacr 85
nymph Causes you to teleport at random intervals for the rest of your life. This condition is incurable. 7
ogre 24
orc 19
pale moss 1
pelgrat 11
phantom asp Poisons you to death, if you're not poison resistant. 2
phausq Poisons you, with a 13% chance of death, if you're not poison resistant. 2
preden Causes you to gag. -30
pulpy tissue Pulpy tissue has the properties of the being it used to be. varies
pyrta ath 2
qivuit 11
ramapith 8
rat 3
raven 3
retchweed Causes you to throw up, naturally. -1
rock giant 29
ruxicon 0
sandiff Causes 0-45 HP damage, if you're not acid resistant. 2
secitt 6
sentinel 2
serpent Poisons you, if you're not poison resistant. 6
shade Provides no nutrition whatsoever. 0
shadow dog 6
slinn Dead slinn rot too quickly to eat. 0
stalker Confuses you for 21-41 turns, and renders you invisible for 35-41 turns. 3
stun jelly 13
stun worm Electrocutes you for 11-20 HP damage. 3
troll 28
ull 41
vanisher Turns you invisible for an extended period of time. 6
watcher 2
werewolf 13
wier 11
wight Seriously damages you; may kill you instantly. 6
wild boar 41
wild dog 6
wood dwarf 19
wraith Increases your experience if below L25, otherwise increases hit points. 6
wyvern 85
xyxort 41
yapok 15
yeti 24
zardon 10
zombie Dead zombies have the properties of the being they used to be. varies

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