Ragnarok / Valhalla Wiki

There are five main areas of the display screen, shown above.

Area Map[]

This is a map of the area that you're in... what you know of it, anyway. Areas you have been to have symbols to indicate what they are; areas you've never been to are dark.


This shows various pieces of information, in this order:

  • What area you're in. For example, in the screen above, you are in the village.
  • How many turns you have taken in this game.
  • Your hit points: current, and (max).
  • Your strength.
  • Your magic points: current, and (max).
  • Your food level. It will indicate whether you are starving or full with an appropriate message
  • Your experience level.
  • Your constitution.
  • How much luck you have.
  • Your armor class.
  • How much gold you have.

Immediate Map[]

This shows a 7x7 tile square of your immediate surroundings, close up.


These are various commands you can issue. Top-down, left-right:

Command Description Keystroke
PACK Show the items currently in your pack. i
WEAR Put on armor, rings, and an amulet. W
REMOVE Remove armor, rings, and amulets. T
WIELD Wield a new weapon at no time cost. w
SELF List your physical characteristics, learned skills, resistances, diseases, learned abilities, and special powers. C
DROP Drop one item from your pack. d
PICK UP Pick up items currently located at your feet. ,
DRINK Drink a potion in your pack. q
MIX Combine any two potions. See Potions for more information. m
ZAP Zap a wand. z
EAT Eat food, either from your pack or from the ground (if you are standing on food). Dead bodies usually taste horrible unless you are dying from hunger. e
READ Read a scroll in your pack. r
THROW/SHOOT Use this command to hurl projectiles. Wield a bow weapon to shoot the appropriate projectile. t
PAY Pay your debts and purchase all unpaid merchandise currently in your pack, provided you have sufficient funds. p
SELL Sell an item to a shopkeeper. s
DIG Dig in the desired direction, if a pick axe is wielded. Digging takes several turns of concentration. To stop digging, hit ESC. ALT-D
PANIC Hide the Ragnarok screen, in case your boss is looking. Hit ESC to redisplay the screen. F6
CALL Call an entire class of items by a given name. This is only applicable on unknown scrolls, potions, wands, and rings. c
NPC Give items to and take items from fellow Norsemen. In addition, you can equip these allies with weapons and chest armor. N
SKILL Use whatever skill you have acquired. u
DISCOVERIES List all wands, potions, scrolls, and rings whose functions you have discovered or seen described. \
USE ITEM Play instruments and employ magical items (such as bags and orbs). U
PLAYBACK List up to the last ten messages you have received. F4
LOOK AT Look at a pile of items, another creature, or a terrain feature in order to determine what it is. Very useful with Telepathy l
SETTINGS List all toggle switches at once. O
MAP Show the map of the universe, highlighting the areas which you've visited. M
EXAMINE Describe the possessions of the gods. x
FAR MOVE Rest or move until you are blocked or disturbed. If resting, press the . key -- you will rest for 100 turns. If moving, choose a direction -- you will move in that direction until you are blocked. Being disturbed interrupts both resting and moving. The AUTOPILOT setting (F5) determines the actions which will disturb this function. If you want to stop, hit the ESC key. F
QUIT Show options for quitting the current game permanently or saving it for future play. Q
NAME Name a specific item. n
ATTACK Attack friendly and neutral creatures by aiming in their direction. Hostile creatures may be attacked by moving toward their square. A
POWER Use any power you currently have acquired. P
(looping arrow) Repeat the previous command. This command only functions with EAT, SKILL, POWER, ZAP, and THROW/SHOOT. a
(question mark) Quick reference sheet. ? / h / F1
(up arrow) Ascend stairs, surface from underwater, and pass through holes in the ceiling. <
(down arrow) Descend stairs, dive underwater, pass through holes in the floor and trigger traps. >
ESC Most commands may be cancelled without time penalty incurred. ESC
© Show the version of Ragnarok being played. F10


This section displays messages from the game.