Ragnarok / Valhalla Wiki


There are three ways that you can move around:

  1. Click your mouse somewhere away from you on the lower map.
  2. Click your mouse somewhere away from you on the upper map.
  3. Use the number pad, by pressing the appropriate number in the direction you wish to go.

You can rest for one turn by clicking on the character symbol with the mouse cursor, or by pressing the 5 or . keys.

To go up one depth level or down one depth level (on stairs or holes), either click the mouse cursor on the up arrow or down arrow located in the far right row of mouse buttons, or type < to go up and > to go down.


To attack hostile creatures, move in the direction of the hostile creature. To attack friendly or neutral creatures, you must first use the Attack Friend command (SHIFT + A), followed by the desired direction of attack.


When the command prompt asks for a desired direction of aim, the previous movement instructions may be used to choose any of the eight directions surrounding the character, with the additional two choices of up and down.


  • Use up/down/left/right to navigate your inventory.
  • Hit ESC to exit your inventory.


These commands are case-sensitive.

Key Command Description
a AGAIN Repeat the previous action. This only works with EAT, THROW, SKILL, POWER, and ZAP.
A ATTACK Attack friendly or neutral creatures.
c CALL Rename a type of item. Only used for wands, rings, scrolls, and potions.
ESC CANCEL Cancel a command.
ALT+D DIG Dig, if a pick axe is wielded. Digging takes several turns of concentration. To stop digging, hit ESC.
\ DISCOVERIES List all wands, potions, scrolls, and rings whose functions have been discovered.
> DOWN Descend stairs, dive underwater, pass through holes in the floor, and trigger traps.
q DRINK Drink a potion (from quaff).
D DROP MANY Drop multiple items.
d DROP ONE Drop one item.
e EAT Eat food or a corpse.
ESC ESCAPE Cancel a command.
x EXAMINE Examine/describe an object.
F FAR MOVE Move in the desired direction until you're disturbed or until you hit ESC. Press . to rest in place for 100 turns.
f FILL VIAL Fill empty vials in your inventory with available liquid.
? HELP Quick reference sheet.
h HELP Quick reference sheet.
i INVENTORY Show the items currently in your pack.
l LOOK AT Look at something.
M MAP Show the world map, highlighting the areas which you've visited.
m MIX Mix two potions. See Potions for more information.
n NAME Name a specific item.
N NPC Trade with and equip fellow Norsemen.
o OWE Show what you currently owe to the local trader.
i PACK Show the items currently in your pack.
p PAY Pay your debts and purchase all unpaid merchandise currently in your pack.
, PICK UP Pick up items located at your feet.
P POWER Use a power.
Q QUIT Give up or save the current game.
r READ Read a scroll.
T REMOVE Remove armor, rings, and amulets.
Q SAVE Give up or save the current game.
C SELF List your current physical state, including skills, innate abilities, and powers.
S SELL MANY Sell multiple items.
s SELL ONE Sell one item.
O SETTINGS List all toggle switches at once. (See F2, F3, F5, F7, and F8, below.)
u SKILL Use a skill.
t THROW/SHOOT Throw or shoot projectile weapons.
< UP Ascend stairs, surface from underwater, and pass through holes in the ceiling.
U USE ITEM Play instruments, fill vials, and use bags and orbs.
W WEAR Put on armor, rings, and amulets.
w WIELD Wield a new weapon at no time cost. Select - to wield nothing.
z ZAP Fire rays from wands and other magical devices.
F10 ABOUT About the game.
F5 AUTOPILOT Toggle the warning level for extended moves, such as DIG and FAR MOVE. High is the most easily disturbed. Default: high.
F7 EAT If you're standing over food, you can eat it without picking it up. Default: on.
F1 HELP Quick reference sheet.
F8 LOOK When enabled, the game lists all items at the location you've moved onto. Default: on.
F9 MEMORY Show the amount of memory free.
MESSAGES Toggle message boxes in the upper map.
F3 MORE Toggle the ""More"" function. When this is enabled, the game notifies you of all messages. Default: on.
F6 PANIC Hide the game screen. Hit ESC to resume the game.
F2 PICKUP Toggle the auto pickup function. When this is enabled, you automatically attempt to pick up everything. Default: on.
F4 PLAYBACK List up to the last ten messages you've received.
SOUND Toggle sounds (mute).
CTRL+F10 EXIT DOSBOX If you're using DOSBox, this will free your mouse from the screen.