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There are six character classes in Ragnarok.

Icon Class HP Str Mastery
Ragicn alchemist.png alchemist 25 - 28 14 Alchemy; potion of second life
Ragicn blacksmith.png blacksmith 30 - 33 17 Iron Working; runesword, mithril
Ragicn conjurer.png conjurer 27 - 30 10 Skill of Relocation
Ragicn sage.png sage 23 - 26 12 Writing; scroll of switch bodies
Ragicn viking.png viking 36 - 40 18 Weaponmaster
Ragicn woodsman.png woodsman 33 - 35 16 Skill of Taming, Power of Terraforming

All character classes start with the following statistics and items:

Starting Class[]

Choosing the class you start with depends on what you want to do later. If you plan on switching classes, it makes sense to pick one of the stronger classes (blacksmith, viking, woodsman).  The weaker classes (alchemist, conjurer, sage) are notoriously difficult to play in the early game.

The woodsman is easily the best class for the early part of the game.  He comes with powerful archery weapons and skills. All you need is a decent melee weapon and some better armor and you will cruise through the forest.

The viking can handle pretty much anything you find in the forest in melee combat, but some monsters (like dregs and the stun jelly) are best handled at a distance. Keeping a stack of flint knives to throw is recommend until you can find something better.

The blacksmith is well armed for melee combat, but suffers from the same lack of ranged ability that the viking does.  His mastery skill of Iron Working is super useful at level nine.

You could choose the alchemist, sage or conjurer if you want a challenge. Also, some of their acquired skills and powers are very useful, so you might want to get them as early as possible in the game. Be prepared to be eaten by bears a few times though. 

For those confident in their ability to survive the rough beginning, the sage may well be the best starting class for ultimately winning the game. Writing is among the most powerful abilities in Ragnarok, and it can be fully exploited as soon as you hit level 10. Should you start as a different class and switch to sage later, there's no guarantee you'll find the stylus needed to rewrite scrolls. The scroll of switch bodies is also far more useful if you can access it early in the game. 

Switching Classes[]

You can switch classes every ten levels.  Generally, once you obtain mastery in a class, it makes sense to switch so you can acquire new skills and abilities.  However, you can play the game all the way through as one class if you like.

A good strategy is to start as stronger class to get through the (very dangerous) early part of the game, then switch to other classes to acquire the skills and powers you'll need in the later part of the game. Some skills and powers are very useful in the early part of the game, and some you can't really make use of until later.

An example of a multi-class strategy: 

  • Levels 0-10     Blacksmith     You can really use a runesword and mithril at level 10, less so later.
  • Levels 10-20   Conjurer         By level 15 you are going to really want to be able to fennl.  Also, the
skill of relocation is incredibly useful at this point.
really useful at this point in the game.