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Ragicn blacksmith


The blacksmith gets solid stats for the early game, and is able to craft excellent mid-level equipment at mastery. In addition to the runesword, the blacksmith can produce mithril mail (10 AC and no carry weight), shurikens for an effective ranged weapon, and various armor accessories that one may not have been lucky enough to find. In the late game, however, most blacksmith items become obsolete: the war vest significantly trumps the mithril armor (though it may not appear in every game), and all the artifact weapons are superior to the runesword.


Capability of smelting runesword(once per game) and mithril mail


  • HP = 30 – 33
  • str = 17
  • mag = 0



While indeed inadvisable continuing towards the endgame as a blacksmith, a skilled player would recognize Iron working as both an inventory reducer (shrinking slot use by smelting items into ingots/shurikens) and a fodder source for a magician's transforms(lightening the load by changing heavy items like platemail into a lighter item such as mirror shield or vice-versa for more smelting material), In this same prospect, grouping smelted grappling hooks and changing them to empty vials seems quite like hitting two birds with one stone.