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Loc azares plane

Azare's Plane

Azare's Plane is a single map zone with no neighbors, which can be reached by Dimension Traveling to yellow.

Scattered throughout the zone are many pools of strange liquid, one for every potion type in the game. A visitor can fill their empty vials with any potion type they wish.

The liquid pools are labeled using their unidentified names (murky, bubbling, etc), even if the resulting potion is known. Players that wish to prepare for a later visit to Azare's Plane are advised to keep track of potion adjectives outside of the game as they progress.

There are three ways to spawn additional empty vials:

1 - Wish for them in amounts equal to your Luck

2 - Place all unwanted potions in your pack or on the floor(move needed ones in a red bag or another level). Then save and use a scroll of wonder. reload and repeat until it gives the drying effect.(do this in another map)