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Asgard, the home of the gods, is a location reachable after crossing the Bifrost bridge. It is the beginning of the endgame and may only be visited once. If the player teleports out, they have doomed themselves because 4 of the 6 quests can no longer be completed.

Asgard is an incredibly busy place. A large number of monsters (both friendly and hostile) are present, along with any of the following named creatures that have not already been killed: Scyld, Harbard, Uorik, or any of the eight bosses from Niflheim.

There are two exits of interest:

  • A staircase in one of the southern buildings leads to Odin's Tower, which contains no monsters, and roughly 10 copies of every non-unique item in the game. If you want to test some complicated item interactions for the wiki, this is an ideal place to do it! Or just fool around and have some fun. The tower is also a convenient place to heal if necessary before returning to the fray in Asgard.
  • The east exit from Asgard leads to Vigrid, the final area of the game, where the fate of humanity will be decided.