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Armor is a class of wearable items that help protect the wearer against attacks, some armor pieces add extra benefits, others can be a complete waste of time. A piece of armor's usefulness is basicly determined by its Armor Class(AC for short). Armor class represents a combination of a character's ability to dodge and parry attacks. The lower the armor class, the more likely your character would take no damage in an attack.

Armor class can be lowered by increasing the thickness and toughness of your skin, and by wearing as many armor pieces as possible. An AC of 10 is the default for an unarmored human. AC represents the amount an item will improve armor class. For example, if your base AC is 10 and you put on a grey cloak (AC 1), your current AC will become 9. Blessing an armor piece through blessing or enchantment scrolls adds 1 to its AC improvement value and subsequently to its price (price increase depends on the item in question).

A golden background at an item's name denotes it's an artifact, a green one denotes unique armor, and a red one denotes cursed armor.

Icon Item Cost Description AC Craftable by blackmith?
Banded mail banded mail $1000 Metallic, better than chain mail 6
Blazing cape blazing cape $30000 Lights any room you enter. 13 No
Bracers bracers $340 Bracers are worn to protect the forearms. 1
Chain mail chain mail $650 Metallic, better than scale mail 5 Yes
Chin strap chin strap $? Received when wishing for lost artifacts. Takes three scrolls of dispel hex to remove once its true nature's revealed. -50 No
Crystal gloves crystal gloves $30000 Allow you to attack with fists, causing more damage than most weapons. To use crystal gloves, you must wield nothing. 10 No
Disperser helm disperser helm                                    $1250 Mutes psionic attacks of zardons and Vanseril. To distinguish, Identify or recieve a psionic blast while wearing one. 1 No
Gauntlets gauntlets $210 Metallic hand protection, helps make use of dangerous objects. 2 Yes
Golden togs golden togs $98 Received when wishing for lost artifacts. Takes three scrolls of dispel hex to remove once its true nature's revealed. -50 No
Gorget gorget $1000 Protects your throat. Essential for meleeing iridorns. 1
Greaves greaves $400 Metallic protection for the shins 1 Yes
Grey cloak grey cloak $250 Simple camouflage cloak 1
Holocaust cloak holocaust cloak $355 Holocaust cloaks render you fireproof. 3
Helm of knowledge helm of knowledge $30000 Wearer learns the next best skill when reading a knowledge scroll. 30 No
Helmet helmet $150 Metallic head protection 1 Yes
Iron shield iron shield $250 Metallic, for basic combat protection 3 Yes
Leather armor leather armor $80 Weak torso protection 1
Leather boots leather boots $140 Weak feet protection 1
Mirror shield mirror shield $3700 Reflects any ray or gaze attacks directed at you. 5
Mithril mail mithril mail $15250 Metallic and weightless, but cannot be remolded. 10 Yes
Norse boots Norse boots $30000 Substantial feet protection 12 No
Plate mail plate mail $2500 The heaviest type of metallic armor. 7 Yes
Scale mail scale mail $550 Metallic, torso protection 3 Yes
Silver mantle silver mantle $750 Nullifies magical effects, such as from a magician or enchantress. 0
Iron shield smooth shield $? A mirror shield blackened by a basilisk's poison gas. In the game's code, it's just a renamed iron shield you can't smelt or wish for. 3 No
War vest war vest $30000 Provides immunity against poison and regenerates lost body parts. 20 No

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