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An amulet is simply known as "an amulet" until it's identified. Amulets shaded in red are to be avoided.

Each amulet weighs 300.


Name Effect Wherabouts
eternal life Transforms you into a statue, ending your game. wishing for amulet of ethereality or might, or eternal life itself.
ethereality Allows you to "phase", to walk through anything solid. Chaos,Crypt,Slater's Sea,Wasteland
Eye of Sertrud No direct use, but dropping 1 in each of 5 pits within the Halls of Grynr will reveal the lost Mjollnir. Worn-out amulets of quickening or random loot
holding Latches onto your throat till stolen or destroyed. Random loot
infravision Gives weak telepathy, where you see far monsters Vidur's Temple or random loot
might Adds 15 to strength. (Bug: Bonus is lost when saving. Reverse via potion of rejuvenation. Prevent by switching amulets before saving.) Chaos, Crypt, Slater's Sea, or Wasteland
quickening Temporarily increases your speed Random loot

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