Ragnarok / Valhalla Wiki

Ragnarok is a medieval roguelike video game for DOS. It was developed by Thomas Boyd and Rob Vawter of Norsehelm Productions in 1992, and was published by Optyk.

Ragnarok uses Norse mythology as its main theme, with a few twists to involve the human mortal player in the struggle towards victory over evil.

There are currently two versions of the game:

  • Ragnarok
  • Valhalla

Game goals[]

Your purpose in the game is to aid the good Norse gods triumph when Ragnarok (the Norse version of Armageddon) comes around. To accomplish this, you must complete a series of tasks:

  • Free Balder's soul.
  • Locate and return Mjollnir to Thor.
  • Locate and return Gjall to Heimdall.
  • Locate and return Mimming to Freyr.
  • Locate and return Gungnir to Odin.
  • Find a manner for Tyr to fight with one arm.

Download locations[]

This game started as commercial software, but became (and is currently) freeware. It can be downloaded from the following locations:

The original source for Ragnarok also hosted a file hb_whole.zip, which contained a document with all manner of hints and formulas. The PDF version is linked below:


If you can't get the game to run in Command Prompt on Windows, or if you're not using Windows at all, try DOSBox.

Version differences[]


  • Ragnarok can be run immediately on download.
  • Ragnarok has no music, and only a very coarse sound effect on hitting creatures.
  • The copyright info: RAGNAROK version 2.5V (c) copyright 1992 by Norsehelm Productions


  • Valhalla must be installed before you can run it.
  • Valhalla has music and sound effects.
  • You can choose from two modes, Beginner and Expert:
    • Beginner allows you to permanently backup your game whenever you want, provided the backups are at least 200 turns apart. This is the same as in Ragnarok.
    • Expert does the same, at 4000 turns apart.
  • The copyright info: VALHALLA version 1.0 (c) copyright 1992 by Norsehelm Productions
  • Valhalla uses copy protection. You can find the answers here.


NorseWorld: Ragnarok[]

NorseWorld: Ragnarok is a remake of the game, written by The Alchemist Team. It can be downloaded via their GitHub page.