Ragnarok / Valhalla Wiki

You can view your abilities by hitting C or by clicking the Self button.

Unlike Powers and Skills, abilities are passive (active all the time) without needing an initiation by the player. They are generally known to 'fill the gaps' or 'fulfill a player's needs' throughout the game.

Wearing the helm of knowledge and/or blessing a knowledge scroll significantly boosts chances to learn Identification, Telepathy, and Swimming next.

Ability Best Acquisition Alternative Acquisitions(and Restrictions) Description
Acute senses eat orange powder urn (10% chance) wear a ring of third sight You can see invisible monsters.
Identification read a knowledge scroll n/a Identifies items and qualities regardless of delusion or pale mosses.
Levitation read a scroll of knowledge polymorph into a flying creature Keeps you slightly aloft, avoiding most traps and obstacles.
Music drink an alchemist potion Endlessly use wooden flutes and controllably use a glass ocarina.
Sixth sense eat a dead anssk Grows a nerve group parallel to the optic one. Gives limited "sight" If blinded.
Swimming read a scroll of knowledge You won't drown in water, can acquire drown items and enter Mimer's Well.
Telepathy read a scroll of knowledge polymorph into a zardon (adds Psionics) You can sense and locate monsters. Use look command(l) for a monster's name.
Throwing skills Landing a hit with related weapon Practicing with each type of throwing/shooting weapon increases accuracy and power. See the Weapons page for exact values.
Weaponmaster read a scroll of knowledge reach viking level 9 or polymorph into a swordsman
  • Grants a chance for a second attack per round.
  • Grants +5 damage to all weapon attacks.
  • Grants additional +10 damage to the sai and katana.
  • Grants a chance to "wound" attacked enemies for 21-35 bonus damage.